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Cindy Burns


PLEASE CLICK ON THE 'DOCUMENTS' LINK TO FIND workbook downloads for 6th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math  and Algebra 2
MATH = FEAR crying



heartheartheartMATH = HAPPINESSheartheartheart

In case you haven't noticed, I love smiley faces!  They just make me happy and I want my students to be happy as well.  Growing up as a 'not-so-great math student'  & intimidated by the subject, I can truly relate to students who are fearful of math.  However, through much HARD WORK and PERSERVERANCE, I found that I could overcome the 'math fear' and be successful in the subject.  My goal as a teacher is to remove the anxiety, make the subject relevant and teach in such a way that students have something to smiley about!


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