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Please listen to your child read from their assigned story for that day.  A reading slip will be sent home with each story for you to sign once your child has read.Please return the signed slip along with book the next day.  Our stories this week are:   

  • Monday ~ Thursday The Quilt Story
  • High-Frequency Words:  beautiful, country, friend, front, someone, somewhere
  •  Spelling:

 Your child will be practicing a weekly spelling list each day with specific spelling patterns.  We will have a practice test on Monday.  If your child spells all the words correctly on Monday, they do not take the Friday Spelling test!


Please help your child memorize addition and subtraction math facts.  Although we are learning different strategies to add and subtract, mastery of addition and subtraction facts by memory is the best.

 Other Homework:

Most other work will simply be completed in the classroom.  I their work isn't finished, they will come inside during recess to complete it.  On any paper, if they make below a 60, they have a chance to correct it for a grade of 70.  If they have a correction paper, they will bring it home and your child will need to correct it and return it to school the next day along with a parents signature.  If they do not return it, they will get the original grade.