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Vocabulary Words:

Parents:  Please help your child learn to read and discuss the meaning of the High Frequency words listed below.  These words are in our story and lessons this week and will be on our reading test on Friday.  Thank you for your help!

 Note:  All of these High Frequency Words are in the Glossary at the back of our Reading books beginning on page 462 through page 473, for even more study and practice.


Scroll down to find the story we are on this week.

The Quilt Story 16-30


ealistic FictionSkill~Compare and Contrast

Vocabulary Words:

blankets, pretended, quilt, stuffing, trunks, unpacked, wrapped, stitched hatchet, patchwork

Reading slips are sent home every day except on Friday.  Your child needs to read the pages assigned on the slip.  Please sign and return the slip the next day.